What is Dentin Erosion?

Our teeth are composed of several different layers that work together to provide bite strength and speech support. The outer layer, enamel, is durable and strong in protecting the rest of the tooth. Under the enamel layer is what’s known as dentin.

Dentin erosion in Flint, TX, is a bit different than enamel erosion. However, both can be detrimental to your oral health. Dentin erosion tends to be more common near the gum line, and the risk of damage can increase with gum disease or gum recession. 

Dentin erosion in Flint, TX, is a bit different than enamel erosion. However, both can be detrimental to your oral health.

Symptoms of Dentin Erosion

Dentin erosion has similar symptoms to enamel erosion. Patients often report pain, discomfort, and sensitivity around the affected area. Because dentin has more nerve connection than enamel, it’s common to experience elevated and more prevalent symptoms.

You may also be able to notice visible signs of dentin erosion. The dentin layer of our tooth tends to be dark in color and can appear like a cavity on your tooth. If you notice discoloration, especially near the gum line, it’s possible that you have exposed dentin.

Treatment Options

In some cases, you can leave dentin erosion untreated with proper maintenance and hygiene. However, if dentin erosion starts to spread or cause pain and sensitivity, you may need treatment. Treating dentin erosion can vary depending on the location and scale of damage. In some cases, a dental filling could be used to restore your tooth, similar to treating a cavity. In other cases, you may need more invasive procedures. If the erosion is excessive, your dentist may recommend tooth extraction to preserve your oral health.


Dentin erosion could be prevented with proper oral hygiene and gum care. Dentin erosion is more likely when patients suffer from gum disease or gum recession. Brushing and flossing twice a day could help keep your gums healthy and your dentin protected. If you do develop gum disease, treating it early on with an antibacterial wash could help prevent the formation of pockets at the gum line. 

Dentin erosion can lead to serious dental complications. If you experience pain or discomfort, exposed dentin could be the culprit. At Creekside Dental, we provide a variety of restorative treatment options that could address dentin erosion. We also work hard to help our patients develop strong oral hygiene routines that could prevent damage and decay. Call us today at 903-225-8031 to schedule a consultation and learn more about dentin erosion.